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Small Q&A about Quake2 for the Amiga.

Questions asked by M.Andersson (Azine)
Answers by Hans-Joerg Frieden (Hyperion)

Q: Hyperion is about to release a CD version of the game Quake2. Can you tell us a little about this?
A: What you get is two CD's. CD 1 is the original PC version of the game. CD 2 is the Amiga binary, all the addons and the installer. This basically copies everything needed from the PC version and then installs the Amiga version. Next comes several screens of checkmarks where you can choose the mods to install.

Q: Could you tell us a little more about the second CD?
A: We've contacted a lot of mod authors for their source code and data file, and have ported over 50 mods for Quake 2. Of these, 41 are included on the CD, with the rest being available for download from our web site later. Everything can be installed using the installer, so no manual work is required. In addition to the mods, the Amiga CD also contains a load of additional levels (200 alone for the mod "Gloom") for the mods, and custom models. In total the extra stuff sums up to more than 600 MB on the CD.

Q: As it is hard to find Quake2, will this be a limited amount of CD's released?
A: Yes, we only have a limited amount.

Q: Will there be a standalone "Amiga Quake2 CD" if you sell out all double CDs?
A: We thought about doing a standalone version once these have sold out. It will depend if there is a demand. Due to the GPL licence, people might get the (false) impression that it is OK to copy the CD.

Q: Do you have some MODs you can recomend (for us with too small HDs for a complete install) as the "must play" ones?
A: To be honest, I didn't get to play too much recently, but here are the recommendations of the those that did:

Action Quake and Terror Quake - These two are the closest thing you can get to Counterstrike on the Amiga. Action Quake was quoted to be Counterstrike's "Motivation/Inspiration".

MatrixQuake - simply stunning graphics

StarTrek Q2 - The definite trekkie mod. Not on the CD, though, but for download.

Devestation Q2 - the MechWarrior in Quake

Gloom - A very active Aliens vs. Marines scenario. This has a very active online scene, with lots of active servers.

D-Day - A mod set in WW II, around the american invasion.

Weapons Factory - A new, unofficial follow-up to Team Fortress.

2002-12-13: The Q2 distribution did change before the release of the CDs. As the Q&A took place before the release some of the answeres about the MODs are wrong. The MODs are not on the Amiga binary CD but are availiable for download.

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